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November/December 2013 Gazette and latest Minutes of Meeting

View the latest Gazette here and minutes here.

Shoalhaven LEP and Greenwell Point

An examination of the plan for Greenwell Point shows some changes to the old 1985 plan.
The main business area (shops Pub etc) down to Reg Wilson Way and to No 92 (on south side), has had added to it 3 lots, 5 and 7 Wilkins St. and 83 Greenwell Point Rd. These were previously zoned for “Community Purposes” and “Residential”.

Shoalhaven LEP Axes 2 Of Our Historic Sites

Some sites have been dropped from the Heritage Study list of 2003. They are:
- The Greenwell Point Hotel, at 95 Greenwell Point Rd.
- The Greenwell Point Well, at 115 Adelaide St.
No items were added.

Goodnight Island Development Update

The Project was approved on 29 November 2009.

See the Feb 2010 Gazette for details here.

We are advised that there is progress by the principal. However nothing physical has happened on the island or in Greenwell Point Road.

Canberra getting closer all the time

If you are a visitor from Canberra then you will no doubt welcome the news that the next stage of Main Road 92 is now complete. Find out more about the project from the NSW Road Traffic Authority.

New Boat Ramps, Wharf and Parking

If you have not been to Greenwell Point for a while, you will notice a great improvement with our new facilities.

The old boat ramp has been replaced by a new double ramp plus a long floating wharf between them.

Parking for trailers and cars is on the new hardstand carpark which is surrounded by grass and picnic grounds.

The Point Gallery & Craft Shop

Visit the Greenwell Point Community Gallery and Craft Shop, All art and craft locally made. 76B Greenwell Point Road. See information about The Point Gallery & Craft Shop here

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